Mission Statement:   “ Deliver the Customers Freight as Safe and Efficiently as Possible”

When you need to get freight moved, we offer a full line of unsurpassed quality services to meet your expectations.
We will ensure your standards are met and guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way. 
"We Believe Customer Service Equals Customer Satisfaction".

We place high value on this business philosophy and will go to great lengths to ensure it. This high performance approach and our commitment to Health & Safety for employees, customers and the general public is what set’s our company apart from the competition.

Even More Reasons to use Manic Solutions

• Prompt - Our prompt service will insure that your deliveries make it to their destination on time.
• Priority - Our priority is service x 3. We will do what it takes to get the job done and we will exceed your expectations.
• Pride - Our pride is your guarantee. We are a family operated business and take pride in our family name, our company, and our reputation.
• Reliability - 24 hour service. We are up at night so you don't have to be.
• Dependable - The most up-to-date fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment.